Respect Life

40 Days for Life

Twice a year, this ministry, made up of an eccuminical effort in the area, pray and petition for respect for all life, but particularly the rights of the unborn.

40 Days for Life Vigil continues through November 5th  

Join us in prayer and fasting to end abortion in the Tricities area. We also are inviting you to these special prayer opportunities.  Except for Tuesday, October 17th, all of the prayer gatherings are at the vigil site which is near abortion business (2603 Osborne St. Bristol, VA across from Casino).

  • October 8th, Sunday, at 2:00 pm (vigil site)
  • October 9th, Monday, at 10:30 am (vigil site)
  • October 14th, Saturday, at 11:00 am (vigil site)
  • October, 17th, Tuesday, at 7:00 pm.  Location:  First Assembly of God, 120 Millard St., Bristol, VA 24201
  • October, 18th, Wednesday, at 3:00 pm (vigil site)
  • October 23rd, Monday,  at 10:30 am (vigil site)
  • October 27th, Friday, 4:00 pm (vigil site)
  • October 30th, Monday, at 10:30 am (vigil site)
  • November 1st, Wednesday, 11:00 am (vigil site)
  • Nov. 5th, Sunday, at 4:00 pm (closing prayer at vigil site)

For more information, contact Angie at [email protected] or (423)-644-0340

Wednesday 12:15 PM Rosary for Life at St. Anne 
(316 Euclid Ave, Bristol, VA)
There is a pro-life rosary at the St. Anne Grotto in the cemetery every Wednesday at 12:15 for those who like to pray as a group but don’t want to go to the abortion business in Bristol.

Sidewalk Advocates

Meeting people where they are, our advocates are provided coaching and resources for helping vulnerable women find hope.

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