Finance Council

Every parish shall have a Finance Council distinct from the Parish Pastoral Council. Established by the universal law of the church, the Parish Finance Council is regulated by the norms of the Code of Canon Law as well as by those issued by the diocesan Bishop. The Parish Finance Council is to aid the pastor in the administration of the goods of the parish (C. 537). The Parish Finance Council shall see that proper financial records are maintained for all parish assets and liabilities, revenues and expenses in accord with the Chart of Accounts approved by the Diocesan Finance Office. The Parish Finance Council will assist the pastor in developing a balanced parish budget for each fiscal year according to the priorities and goals set by the Parish Pastoral Council and approved by him. The Parish Finance Council will monitor the finances of the parish by reviewing monthly comparisons of actual revenues and expenditures with the budget, the investments, and the overall financial operation of the parish.

Appointed Members

Ex-Officio Members

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