Reconciliation & Eucharist

Age of Preparation & Readiness

  • Preparation for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation traditionally occurs in second grade for children who are already Baptized Catholic.
  • For children older than second grade, the preparation is the same.
  • Readiness for each sacrament is determined by the parent (see below for guides)



Preparation Process

Preparation at St. Anne is done in a retreat format, with parent formation and a retreat component.  Preparation for each sacrament follows the same basic format:  

  1. Families register for sacramental preparation and pay applicable preparation fees.
  2. Children attend religious education sessions or Catholic school (ongoing).
  3. Parents attend an information session on the preparation process.
  4. Parents attend workshops, scheduled throughout the year, using at-home materials to reinforce workshop information.
  5. Parents and children participate in a retreat experience.
  6. If readiness is discerned, the sacrament is celebrated.

Religious Education Requirement

  • Sacramental preparation is done in addition to, and separate from religious education.
  • All children preparing for sacraments must be enrolled in and participating in either parish religious education, or attending a Catholic school.
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