Pope Francis I

Welcome to our new Pope!

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, was elected as our new Pope on March 13, 2013. He has chosen Francis as his Pontifical name. To read his first Apostolic blessing and learn more please click here. 

If You Are Visiting Rome

If you are planning to visit Rome the place to start is at the  Bishop’s Office for U.S. Visitors to the Vatican! Thousands of people come to Rome each year, hoping to see Pope Francis I and participate in his liturgical celebrations. It is their desire to help you or your group of pilgrims enjoy a spiritually enriching visit to Rome, and we believe your participation in the Holy Father’s celebrations will make your pilgrimage more spiritually meaningful....click  here to read more.

How to Request a Papal Blessing

Requests for Papal blessings are handled by the Apostolic Nunciature (the embassy of the Holy See to the United States). The request for a Papal Blessing, in the form of a printed certificate, should be placed in a letter ... read more...

Pope Francis I