Parish Council

St Anne Catholic Church

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Parish Council

If you wish to contact one of these PPC members, please contact the parish office (276-669-8200) for their address/phone numbers.

3-year Term

2-year Term

 1-year Term

Kathi Boatright

Clare Snyder-Branch

 Paulette Leonard

Doug Ernst

Gene Perrin (Chair)

Beth Morefield

Mary Pat Ernst

 Linda Sproles (Vice)

Kathy Carnell


Parish Staff (Not counted as voting member for quorum)

Fr. Kevin Segerblom, Pastor

669-8200 x30

Dr Richard Fenchak, Principal


RECORDER: (non-voting)
Mary Blevins

Committee Chairpersons (Not standing members of Council)
(do not count for quorum #) May be requested to attend for an agenda item;

PPC Chair will contact if they are required to attend meeting but when attending do not vote.

FINANCE: Steve Harris
PARISH LIFE: Brooke Hall
HISPANIC CMT: Jean Blackburn & Lupe Morales

- Worship Committee reports will be provided to Council by Fr. Kevin or Richard Davis
- Social Ministry reports provided by Fr. Kevin or his designee
- Youth Ministry reports provided by Holly Vining
- RCIA/Sacramental Prep. reports provided by Sydney Farnum
- Hispanic Committee reports provided by Jean Blackburn or Deacon Juan Ibarra

Parish Staff (Not standing members of Council; may be requested to attend;

PPC Chair will contact if they are required to attend meeting but when attending do not vote)

(Do not count for quorum #)

Deacon Juan Ibarra: Hispanic Ministry

 Laura Cochrane: Leader of 1st Rec/Euch Prep
Richard Davis: Director of Liturgy & Music
Sydney Farnum: Director of Christian Formation
Steve Helmbrecht: Director of Finance/Development
Rosie Mansfield: Ofc. Mgr
Ashley Newman: Ofc. Asst.
Vanessa Purdy: SSR/JHYM
Debbie Snyder: Bookkeeper
Daniel Tester: Maintenance Supervisor
Holly Vining: Young Adult Ministry, Campus Ministry and SHYM

- Revised: 10/01/2014

The following link will give you a selection of documents that are used for reference during the year.

This includes "Called to Serve".


Diocese Publications:

Mark Leszczynski