Catechist Education

PATHWAYS seeks to provide a guide for the formation of those called to serve the community as catechists.

PATHWAYS seeks to provide standards of excellence in teaching skills which each catechist is invited to master.

PATHWAYS seeks to provide support for catechists desiring enrichment of their own faith by recommending study of the teachings of the Catholic faith.

PATHWAYS seek to provide official diocesan recognition of catechists for their study and development through a diocesan certification.

The Diocese of Richmond Catechetical Norms, “Called to Be Disciples,” require that catechists of adults, youth, and children be certified through a common process – PATHWAYS Training for Catechists. 

Any questions, contact Sydney Farnum at 276-669-8200 ext. 32 or

Educational Opportunities for Catechists and Adult Rel. Ed.
Pathways Training for Catechists
Online Theology Courses from the University of Dayton
Online Theology Courses from Notre Dame
Beginnings Plus Institute Courses to learn or deepen your understanding of the RCIA process

For more information, contact Sydney Farnum at 276-669-8200 ext. 32 or



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